Shared Services


Providing Universities and Colleges a tailored Information Security Service to meet their individual requirements.

Service deliverables include:

  • Information Security Strategy tailored to your organisation, drawing on Sectoral Best Practice Model
  • Deployment of best practice Policies and Procedures and advice on implementation
  • Annual Information Security Risk Assessment review
  • Advisory Service on all aspects of Information Security (legal, compliance, best practice)
  • Regular Updates on InfoSec Landscape focussed on Universities and Colleges
  • Ad-hoc Updates to emerging threats/exploits/scams
  • Benefit from cross-institutional learning and best practice
  • Consultancy days for bespoke institutional requirements


Providing Universities and Colleges with a Shared Service Resource Data Protection Officer to meet their individual requirements.

Service deliverables include:

  • Act as DPO in fulfilling the statutory obligations of the role wherever empowered to do so.
  • Provide experience, expertise and guidance in Data Protection and GDPR.
  • To review and update periodically each institution’s data protection policy and supporting procedures.
  • To have knowledge of case law / ICO decisions and dissemination of learnings, to recommend actions and issue guidance informed by this.
  • To provide annual Data Protection Assessments and Compliance Reports to governing bodies / senior management teams.
  • To achieve a fundamental understanding of the sector to ensure pragmatic, proportionate and workable guidance and support is delivered.


Providing Universities and Colleges with Change Management professionals on a call off basis.

Service deliverables include:

  • Undertaking change management activity in initiating, embedding and driving business process improvements within institutions to increase efficiencies, improve quality, save time, reduce costs and waste.
  • Analysing current processes and identifying areas for improvement/change.
  • Scope requirements, develop initiation documents and plans as well as other reports
  • Ensure practices and standards of project and change documentation comply with institution’s requirements
  • Analyse and advise on risk and issue identification and management
  • Work with key stakeholders, to clearly document the change and maintain plans to deliver the objectives.

Testimonial from CISO-Share member

“The access to expertise has allowed the Institution’s cyber posture to mature at an accelerated rate and make decisions with confidence surrounding information security.  The Institution has received expert advice on things such as modelling cyber risk, developing information security, policy designing – as well as operational development on areas including incident response and creation of playbooks.”

College Director of Digital Services

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