Providing Universities and Colleges a tailored Information Security Service to meet their individual requirements.

Service deliverables include:

  • Information Security Strategy tailored to your organisation, drawing on Sectoral Best Practice Model
  • Deployment of best practice Policies and Procedures and advice on implementation
  • Annual Information Security Risk Assessment review
  • Advisory Service on all aspects of Information Security (legal, compliance, best practice)
  • Regular Updates on InfoSec Landscape focussed on Universities and Colleges
  • Ad-hoc Updates to emerging threats/exploits/scams
  • Benefit from cross-institutional learning and best practice
  • Consultancy days for bespoke institutional requirements


Providing Universities and Colleges with a Shared Service Resource Data Protection Officer to meet their individual requirements.

Service deliverables include:

  • Act as DPO in fulfilling the statutory obligations of the role wherever empowered to do so.
  • Provide experience, expertise and guidance in Data Protection and GDPR.
  • To review and update periodically each institution’s data protection policy and supporting procedures.
  • To have knowledge of case law / ICO decisions and dissemination of learnings, to recommend actions and issue guidance informed by this.
  • To provide annual Data Protection Assessments and Compliance Reports to governing bodies / senior management teams.
  • To achieve a fundamental understanding of the sector to ensure pragmatic, proportionate and workable guidance and support is delivered.


Providing Universities and Colleges with Change Management professionals on a call off basis.

Service deliverables include:

  • Undertaking change management activity in initiating, embedding and driving business process improvements within institutions to increase efficiencies, improve quality, save time, reduce costs and waste.
  • Analysing current processes and identifying areas for improvement/change.
  • Scope requirements, develop initiation documents and plans as well as other reports
  • Ensure practices and standards of project and change documentation comply with institution’s requirements
  • Analyse and advise on risk and issue identification and management
  • Work with key stakeholders, to clearly document the change and maintain plans to deliver the objectives.