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Calls may be linked to SLA Contracts, and call management operators will be prompted when there is an applicable SLA.

  1. SLA Contracts specify the start and end date for which an SLA is applicable and whether the SLA is applicable to all Callers or just Callers in a specified College/Support Group.
  2. Services optionally restrict the SLA to specific Call Types, Categories or Objects.
  3. Service Levels specify the agreed target durations for the Call, which can vary from the standard target durations.

    When an applicable SLA is available, the Link SLA button will be displayed under the More menu

The number denotes the number of applicable SLAs available, and the call management operator will be prompted to select one.

Once selected, the Impact, Urgency, Priority will no longer be able to be changed.  A new field will be added to the Planning block, “SLA Target Date” which is also unable to be changed.

Changes to these fields can only take place by unlinking the SLA via the Link SLA button. 

Reports may be run against either the SLA Target Date or the usual Target Date.