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The UniDesk start page is the first page you see once you have logged in. To navigate back to this page at any time, click the home button, top right

Apart from the Quick Launch Bar on the left, which is always visible, the Start Screen is split up into three main sections.

  • Tasks Widget – Gives a quick overview of outstanding tasks from the relevant modules (such as Call and Problem Management)
  • Selections and Reports – Can be used as a quick launcher for favourite selections, or regularly run reports.
  • Latest News – Where operators can publish news which is likely to be of interest to other UniDesk Operators

It is now possible to add a web widget to the home of the Operator’s Section. With this widget you can add certain web content to the home, such as an embeddable website or a YouTube video. Note that the site needs to be an embeddable website for this to work. So, m.google.co.uk is embeddable. google.co.uk is not embeddable so won’t work.

The Start page may be customised using the “Add Widget” button at the top right, and widgets may be minimised (using the triangle next the widget’s title), moved (click and drag the widget’s title) or removed (for those with an x) to suit the operator.

One widget that may be useful for those operators in multiple operator groups is the “Tasks per group” widget which shows tasks assigned to each of your operator groups, but not yet to an individual operator.