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The status field tells UniDesk about the current situation of the call. The table below lists each status and its definition.

NewCreated by incoming email or self service portal.  Calls should generally be set to Open once work begins on them, including the initial prioritisation and categorisation.
OpenDefault state.  Set by UniDesk after a call updates an on hold call (via email or self service).  Also to be set by an operator if a call has not been resolved satisfactorily.
Waiting on userPlaces the call on hold, usually because the user has been asked for further information.
Waiting for 3rd partyInformation or action required by external organisation. UniDesk does not place the call On Hold as we are responsible for chasing the 3rd party. 3rd party refers to something outwith the University, suppliers, contractors, etc.
Scheduled work An on hold state where it has been agreed. that work will commence at a later date
Resolved by 2nd line2nd line have determined that the call is resolved, all work having been completed by one or other operator group.  The clock stops and the call appears in the “Awaiting Service Desk confirmation” selection.  The call is marked as completed.
1st Line confirmed resolution1st line have checked that all aspects of the call have been dealt with. Status triggers an editable email to request confirmation from the user.  The call is marked as completed. Gives users the opportunity to have the last word.
User not respondedCompletes the call and advises the user that more information is required or the call cannot be progressed. Used when the operator has attempted but cannot contact with the user and needs further information.
Closed – User confirmedUser has responded saying that they are happy the call has been resolved.  The call is marked as closed and will not accept new emails.
Closed without confirmation Should not be used by operators, as is set automatically by UniDesk 14 days after the call has been completed.  An automatic email is sent to the user advising that the call has been closed on the assumption that it has been resolved.  The call is marked as closed and will not accept new emails.

Note that if Scheduled work is selected and the target date manually set to be the date the task has to be delivered, confusion may arise.

If the call receives an email, or an edit via the self service portal, the status will be set to Open. The target date will automatically be recalculated based on the on hold duration, possibly resulting in a misleading target date, later than originally intended. This will also happen if the status is manually returned to Open.

Similarly, if the priority is altered (via a change to the impact or urgency), the target date will be recalculated automatically and no longer be the manually assigned date.

It is recommended that an Operational Activity be used instead for such work, as the date of an operational activity is manually set and will not be revised unexpectedly. If arising from a user’s request via a Call, an Operational Activity can created and linked to the Call, and the Call completed.