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When a user has a query, request, or issue, this is recorded in UniDesk as a call. There are three main ways that this can happen.

  1. The call is manually created by a member of support staff
  2. The user submits a call via the Self-Service Portal where they can create and check progress on existing calls.
  3. The user sends an email to an address that is linked to UniDesk. The email is then automatically created into a call. UniDesk will use the user’s email address to automatically complete the rest of the caller block fields. However, this is only possible if the email address used to send the email corresponds with the user’s person record in UniDesk. If UniDesk does not recognise the email address, the operator can associate the call with the user’s record from within the call itself.

How to associate a call with a registered caller

As stated above, if the user has used a different email account to send the email, UniDesk won’t recognise the user.

In this case, you can manually associate the call with the registered user record. To do this, first click the small triangular arrow to the left of the user’s name. This will expand the caller section of the call.

Then click the menu dots to the right of the user’s name, as per the image below. Please note that this is not the same as the arrow to the right of the user’s name in the image above. Pressing that arrow in the image above will result in different menu options appearing.

Delete the “College/Support Group” so that it is blank (not pictured below).

Once you’ve clicked the arrow in the above picture, a menu will appear. Click the “Registered caller” option. You will then have the option to find the user’s record by typing in the user’s name (in the “Name” field), or UUN (in the “Network login name” field). Please remember to save the call once complete.