Our aim is to be the shared service partner of choice for sustainably delivering information and change management services across the UK FE and HE sectors.


Providing Universities and Colleges a tailored Information Security Service to meet their individual requirements.


Providing Universities and Colleges with a Shared Service Resource Data Protection Officer to meet their individual requirements.


Providing Universities and Colleges with Change Management professionals on a call off basis.


STOic TTX is a HEFESTIS project funded by the Scottish Government. The Framework is free to use, all content is hosted on the STOic TTX Teams site. Should you require a facilitator resource or CISO experts to attend your TTX this can be provided by HEFESTIS.

“The access to expertise has allowed the Institution’s cyber posture to mature at an accelerated rate and make decisions with confidence surrounding information security.  The Institution has received expert advice on things such as modelling cyber risk, developing information security, policy designing – as well as operational development on areas including incident response and creation of playbooks.”

— College Director of Digital Services on CISO-Share

“We have recognised the value of tabletop exercises, and will endeavour to run them more regularly … While we are relatively comfortable with our security posture, STOic TTX has shown us the value of getting the right people around the table to discuss possible incident scenarios and share knowledge.”

— Information Security Officer on STOic TTX

“STOic TTX was the most engaging and most useful exercise in a box I have attended. We gained a great deal of useful information and identified several areas of weakness.”

— Head of ICT on STOic TTX