“The STOic TTX framework has helped us break a deadlock of ‘where to start’ with exercises with other teams” – CIO

You just lost your last excuse for not performing tabletop exercises at all levels of your organisation.

STOic TTX: Strategic, Tactical and Operational TableTop eXercises

STOic TTX Framework

The STOic TTX Framework is the most comprehensive, freely available guide on how to conduct regular and repeatable tabletop exercises in your organisation without the need for a cyber expert to facilitate them. What our research has shown is that you need a flexible approach.

STOic TTX is a HEFESTIS project funded by the Scottish Government.

STOic TTX Facilitator Training

The online training programme is a compilation of 13 videos lasting 4 hours in total. Access to the training is unrestricted, enabling you to watch them as often as you would like, learning at your own pace, and at a time that suits your schedule. Binge all 13 videos in a day or take it at a slower pace. The training programme is there for you whenever you are ready.

How do I access STOic TTX

The STOic TTX Framework, including all documentation, templates and certification trackers are available from the STOic TTX Teams site, hosted by HEFESTIS. Any comments and questions you may have will be directed to a STOic TTX expert to make sure you get up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

All organisations participating in STOic TTX will also have access to a practitioner’s channel to share experiences and ask questions from peers.

Additional offerings from HEFESTIS

Expert Facilitators

HEFESTIS can provide a skilled facilitator to organise and deliver STOic TTX within your organisation as a subscription service or on an ad hoc basis.

Cyber Experts

If your organisation has mature cyber incident response teams, you may benefit from having an expert present in your STOic TTX exercises to provide advanced scenarios or to advise on incident response processes. HEFESTIS can provide access to experts to challenge and advise your teams.

To discuss how HEFESTIS can assist your organisation, please email info@hefestis.ac.uk

Entertaining and engaging content. Very useful for understanding different attack vectors and our weaknesses when it comes to recognising these.

– STOic TTX participant